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The Connecticut State Employees Credit Union is a cooperative thrift and loan association, owned and managed by its members for their mutual benefit. We are a full-service, state-chartered financial institution with seven locations across Connecticut. CSE Credit Union provides excellent rates on savings while also offering a full line of competitively priced loan products. As a member, you can transact on your account by visiting or calling any one of our locations, using your CSE Credit Union VISA Debit Card, logging in to the online banking or the myCSE mobile app, or calling our automated 24/7 Telephone Teller Toll-Free service. CSE Credit Union is committed to providing its members with a secure place to save while providing superior returns and low account fees.

Connecticut State Employees Credit Union was established in 1946 as a not-for-profit financial institution for State of Connecticut Employees. As a member owned cooperative, the CSE Credit Union has served as a great place to save, borrow and transact business for more than half a century.

From humble beginnings in the State Office Building on Capitol Avenue in Hartford, the Credit Union has grown into a large financial institution with multiple locations across Connecticut.  In the early 1980’s, the Credit Union expanded its field of membership to include all State employees as well as members of their family, organizations composed of State employees and retired State employees. The Credit Union is currently one of the largest 100 credit unions in the nation.

Operation of the Credit Union is overseen by a seven-member Board of Directors. Directors are democratically elected annually to serve two-year terms. The Board of Directors-appointed Supervisory Committee is charged with providing for an annual audit and ensuring proper internal controls exist.

Dividends on Regular Shares, Checking Accounts, and Club accounts are declared and paid quarterly. Dividends have been paid every quarter since inception. CSE Credit Union is regarded as one of the best run and successful credit unions around.

Board of Directors

  • Vincent Filippa, President
  • Gregory Slupecki, Vice President
  • Dean Skevas, Secretary
  • John Frenett, Treasurer
  • Ken Post, Director
  • George Dombroski, Director
  • P. Martha Carlson, Director

Supervisory Committee

  • George Dombroski, Chairman
  • John Magnesi, Member
  • Michael Starkowski, Member
  • Rebecca Balkun, Member
  • Marcin Baran, Member


Financial Statements