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Wire Transfers

CSE Credit Union provides incoming and outgoing wire transfer services to its members. We do not provide services for international wires.

Wire transfers are a quick and easy way to send funds.  However, due to the immediacy of the transfers and the fact they are generally irreversible, wire transfers are frequently used in fraudulent scams. The credit union strongly urges you not to wire funds if you don't personally know the people to whom you're sending the money, if you've only met them over the internet, or if you haven't known them very long. If you've sent money to a scammer by mistake, there's a very good chance the money will be gone for good. For more information on wire transfer scams, visit the Federal Trade Commission website.   

Outgoing Wire

The fee for each outgoing wire is $10.00. When you call us to initiate a wire transfer, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Account Number
  • Your Address
  • Your Contact Telephone Number
  • Amount of Wire
  • Name of Receiving Financial Institution
  • Address of Receiving Financial Institution
  • Routing and Transit # (ABA#) of Receiving Financial Institution
  • Name of Person Receiving Funds
  • Address of Person Receiving Funds
  • Account # and Account Type of Person Receiving Funds*

If member information is not up-to-date in our system, the processing time for wires initiated over the phone may be delayed. Some wires may be required to be requested in person.  

*If the Receiving Financial Institution account information is not correct, the Receiving Financial Institution will reject the wire and may charge the member a fee.  

Incoming Wire

The fee for each incoming wire is $5.00. When you call the financial institution that will be initiating the wire to your credit union account, you must provide them with the following information:

Wire to:
Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union
184 Shuman Blvd Suite 400
Naperville, IL 60563
ABA # 271-987-635

First Credit To:
Connecticut State Employees Credit Union, Inc.
Account Number: 211-977-197

Final Credit To:
Your Name, Account # and Account Type at CSE