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Bill Pay

Simplify & Streamline

When you're managing monthly bills, it's easy to lose track of one and get dinged with a late fee.  With CSE's online Bill Pay service, you can easily schedule, track, organize and pay bills online.  

  • It's easy.  Setting up and paying bills online is simple and easy.
  • It's free and saves you money.  Save over $50 a year if you pay 10 bills a month.
  • It's safe.  Paying bills online is safer than mailing checks.
  • It's unlimited.  You can use the service as often as you like. There is no limit on the number of bills you may pay.  
  • It's quick.  Payments can be made as quickly as the next business day.  

Bill Payment FAQ

If you have questions about Bill Pay, see below for our most frequently asked questions. Don't see your questions or concern? Additional FAQs can be found in the Help Center within the Bill Pay website.  Contact any CSE location or call Bill Pay at 1-833-827-7971 (Sun-Sat, 7:00 A.M.-1:00 A.M. ET). 

Questions & Answers

Bill Pay is an easy, convenient way to pay any company or person within the United States.

To be eligible to access and use Bill Pay, you must be enrolled in CSe-Banking and have a share draft (checking) account.

You can pay mostly anyone with an address within the United States or its territories. Pay companies, friends and family members, service providers, etc. However, it is not recommended to use Bill Pay to make alimony payments, child support payments, state and federal tax payments, court-directed payments, or any other governmental fee payments. These types of payments are scheduled at your own risk.  

No, it is free!

You must first be enrolled in CSe-Banking, our online banking platform. Once logged in to your CSe-Banking account, click the Bill Pay tab at the top of the screen and follow the prompts for setting up Bill Pay. You will need to review and agree to the terms and conditions before setting up your bills.

An eBill is an electronic bill statement that you can opt to view online through Bill Pay instead of receiving a paper statement by mail. You can request an eBill to be added to your account for hundreds of eligible merchants. It can take 1-2 billing cycles after you sign up before you receive your first bill online. When you receive your eBill, you then pay with a few simple clicks.  

You may cancel use of your Bill Pay at any time by selecting My Profile and then selecting Cancel service.

Yes, Bill Pay will be deactivated if you do not use it in a 3-month period.  

You can pay an individual bill up to $10,000.

Our Bill Pay provider will send payments in one of three ways: electronic, corporate check or draft check. 

No. Although electronic payments will be sent whenever possible, the method of payment used is determined by our Bill Pay processor and cannot be changed. It often depends on what method of payment can be accepted by the biller or payee.

Yes! Some billers offer same day or next day payment options.  Fees do apply.

Payments sent electronically or by corporate check will be withdrawn from your checking account on the pay date you selected when the payment was scheduled. If you have set up a recurring payment and the payment falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment will be withdrawn on the first business day before the weekend or holiday.  Payments sent as a draft check will be withrawn from your checking account when the biller or payee deposits or cashes the check.

If you do not have sufficient funds on the scheduled pay date, a courtesy payment will be made to the biller and an NSF (non-sufficient funds) fee of $10.00 will be assessed to your checking account. A second attempt to debit your account will be made within 24-48 hours. If there still aren't funds available, a second NSF fee of $10.00 will be assessed.  Our Bill Pay processor will either reverse the courtesy payment or will freeze your Bill Pay account until you remit payment. To reinstate your Bill Pay account and prevent interruption to your Bill Pay services, it is recommended you settle the outstanding balance as soon as possible.

Paying a CSE loan through Bill Pay could delay the payment process. The best ways to make a payment on a CSE VISA or loan product are as follows:

  1. Transfer funds within CSe-Banking. Go to Account Access and then click Transfer Funds.  
  2. Transfer funds using our automated Telephone Teller service.
  3. Complete and submit an Automatic Payment Option for CSE Loans form or a VISA Automatic Payment form.

It is recommended you first contact your company's customer service line to inquire if they are able to offer direct assistance. If you are unable to resolve it through the company, you may submit a payment inquiry to our Bill Pay processor directly through Bill Pay.  In the Activity tab, go to View Detail for the payment in question and then Payment Inquiry.