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VISA Credit Card

Effective September 16, 2023, we will be retiring our Visa Classic Credit Cards. Within the first few weeks of September, existing Visa Credit cardholders will receive a Visa Platinum Credit Card by mail to replace their former cards. View our New Visa Info Sheet for more details. (Cardholders with a Student Visa will also receive a new Student Visa to replace their former card.) See below for more details on our exciting new offerings. 

We will also be offering a new VISA Rewards Card later this Fall. More information will be posted in a couple of months. Stay tuned!


Visa Platinum

Visa Secure (Student)

Visa Credit Card
Which card is best for you? For members who want to take advantage of a low interest rate. For students interested in establishing credit or for anyone focused on improving their credit.
APR* 12.40% 12.40%
Annual Fee $0 $0
Balance Transfer Fee $0 $0
Contactless Card Yes Yes
Mobile App & Online Access Yes Yes
eStatements Yes Yes
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Our Visa Platinum Credit Card offers you everything you need in a credit card without any of the gimmicks.


  • Contactless technology (tap-to-pay)
  • No annual fee
  • No balance transfer fee
  • A fixed 12.40% Annual Percentage Rate
  • Low late charges
  • Automatic payment options
  • Free fraud protection
  • Online access to account

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Our secured Visa Credit Card (Student Visa) is a great option for students with no credit history or limited credit history. The Secured Credit card requires funds that you provide as a security deposit. These funds earn interest within your Regular Share (savings) but are not available for withdrawal.


  • $250 minimum credit limit
  • $3,000 maximum credit limit
  • No credit history needed
  • No income requirement
  • Must be age 18 or over
  • Access to a dedicated online portal and mobile app for your credit card

It's not just for students. While this card is an excellent fit for students, it is designed for anyone looking to build credit.

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Online Access & Mobile App

As a cardholder of our Visa Platinum or Student (secure) Credit Cards, you have access to our dedicated credit card services website and mobile app. In addition to 24-hour support, you have the ability to:

  • View your credit card balance and transaction history
  • Block your lost or stolen credit card
  • Request a replacement credit card
  • Add a travel alert
  • Set alerts & controls i.e. receive notifications for specific merchant or transaction types and set spending limits
  • Access your credit card eStatements (online only, not available thru the mobile app)

Download the Visa Credit Card Mobile App:

To access the online Visa portal:

Log into your myCSEBanking account, and under Accounts scroll to the Credit Card with the last four digits of your new card.  Follow the prompts to enroll in the online site.

*Note:  Payment information in the Visa online site and in the app may not reflect the most recent activity. If recent payments are not reflected, check back the next day.  

Effective September 17, 2023 when we launch our new Visa Platinum Credit Cards.

Credit Card Phone Numbers
Card Member Services (866)614-0282
Lost/Stolen Credit Card (866)614-0282 or
(727)299-2449 (collect call)
Report Travel (866)614-0282
Credit Card Activation (800)631-3197
Credit Card PIN Now (optional to set a PIN) (888)886-0083
Credit Card Mailing Addresses
Payment Address PO Box 37603
Philadelphia, PA 19101-0603
Customer Dispute Address Customer Service
PO Box 31112
Tampa, FL 33631-3112