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Money Orders &
Teller Checks

Money orders and teller checks are two ways for you to withdraw funds from your account. Merchants often prefer to receive payment by money order or teller check because they are backed by the credit union, unlike a personal check which is backed by the person writing the check. 

CSE members are eligible for one free money order OR one free teller check per day.

Money Orders

  • Maximum dollar amount of $999.00 for each money order. Total for the day cannot exceed $2999.00.  
  • Each money order costs $1.50, unless it is your free money order/teller check for the day (see above)

Teller Checks

  • No maximum dollar amount for teller checks
  • Need to specify to whom the check is being issued at the time of the purchase
  • Each teller check costs $3.00, unless it is your free money order/teller check for the day (see above)

Stop Payment Information

You may not stop payment on a cashier, teller or official check issued by CSE Credit Union.

In the event one of these types of checks is lost, stolen or destroyed, please contact us for the procedures to follow to make a claim for reimbursement or to have the check reissued. In general, you will have to complete an Affidavit and Indemnity Agreement form under penalty of perjury. CSE Credit Union must then wait 90 days from the date of the check before we can pay your claim. If 90 days has already passed, then we will act on your claim within a reasonable time. If the check is presented during the 90-day waiting period, CSE may pay the item to the person entitled to enforce the check. If this happens, we will not pay the claim. 

This provision is dictated by Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) 3-411 for all Credit Unions, Banks, and other financial institutions.