SUM Network Discontinued

SUM Network Discontinued

Beginning October 6, 2017, CSE Credit Union will be switching from the SUM surcharge-free ATM network to the CO-OP surcharge-free network.  After October 5, withdrawals made at a SUM ATM will be assessed a surcharge.

The CO-OP Network increases our access to over 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide.  For a listing of institutions and retailers that participate in this network, click here.  You can also download the CO-OP ATM app to your phone.  

We are switching to CO-OP because the SUM network is not compatible with our new VISA debit card program.  More information about the VISA debit card program will soon be posted on this website and in our Fall newsletter.  

Sign Up for VISA Debit Card Through CSe-Banking

We are pleased to announce that we will soon be offering VISA debit cards to all members! VISA debit cards have the same important functionalities of an ATM card, but the VISA logo allows you to use it anywhere VISA is accepted.  Additional benefits include higher limits, EMV chip, and more. 

We are now offering a special enrollment period for all members enrolled in CSe-Banking.  If you want a VISA debit card immediately, you may order one if you are enrolled in CSe-Banking, our online banking system. Go to CSe-Banking and download the application form from the landing page (you will see a link that says "Click here").  This early enrollment period is a perk for CSe-Banking users only. Enrollment will be opened to all others at a later date.

When your current ATM card expires in the future, you will automatically be reissued a VISA debit card. However, if you have not used your ATM card in the last 18 months, it is considered inactive and will not be reissued. Keep in mind you can only have an ATM card or a VISA debit card.  Please note our current ATM program will be discontinued in the future.  

If you want a VISA debit card but aren’t yet enrolled in CSe-Banking, click here and follow the prompts to enroll in CSe-Banking.

Check back to this website regularly for more updates on our VISA debit card.  

Stay Involved

In early 2018, the membership will convene for the Annual Meeting of the CSE Credit Union.  As a member-owner of the credit union, you're invited to ask questions about CSE's accomplishments, participate in the election of directors, and visit with fellow members. Your participation in the Annual Meeting is one of the featuers that makes your credit union different from other financial institutions. Every member has a right to advance knowledge of all items to be considered at that meeting. Resolutions to be taken under consideration by the membership at the Annual Meeting must be submitted to the Resolutions Committee, 84 Wadsworth St, Hartford, CT 06106 for review by November 3, 2017. Include your name, member number and signature. The Winter Newsletter will publish the Annual Meeting agenda including resolutions requiring membership approval. So stay up-to-date and stay involved.  

Free eStatements Now Available

We are pleased to announce that CSE is now offering eStatements through your CSe-Banking account.  Our eStatements have all the same information as paper statements. Once you enroll, paper statements will stop and you'll be notified by e-mail every month when your eStatement is ready to view online.  

To enroll in eStatements, you must be enrolled in CSe-Banking.  Click here to enroll in or access CSe-Banking. Once you are logged into your CSe-banking account, click on Self Service, click on eStatements and then follow the prompts.  Click here for more information about eStatements or contact any of our offices with questions.  

Home Loan Rates as Low as 2.60% APR*

Whether you're looking to lower your monthly payment or take out some cash, you will get a great deal when you refinance your mortgage with CSE Credit Union.  There are no application fees, no points, no closing costs, and no attorney fees.

  • 7 Years - 2.60% APR*
  • 10 Years - 3.05% APR
  • 15 Years - 3.25% APR
  • 20 Years - 3.75% APR

To apply, fill out an application form and return to any of our offices.  Click here for more information about our home loan program.  

*Annual Percentage Rate. Appraisal, title search and recording fees do apply. All rates are subject to change without notice. 

Once a Member, Always a Member

CSE Credit Union was founded to provide financial services to employees of the State of Connecticut. But this does not mean that we only serve Connecticut State employees.  Our motto “Once a Member, Always a Member” means that even if you leave CT State service, you remain a CSE member. Once you join, you are a member for life, as long as you maintain an active account. 

CSE membership may also be offered to immediate family members of current members. Spouses, children, parents, siblings, and step-relatives are all eligible too. Once they join, they in turn can extend the privilege of credit union membership to their immediate family members.  

So share the benefits of belonging to CSE Credit Union not only with your co-workers, but also with your family members! For more information on membership eligibility, click here.

Taxpayers Who Owe Taxes to State of CT

As per Connecticut General Statues (CGS) §12-39cc, the CT Department of Revenue Services requires all financial institutions doing business in Connecticut to conduct a data match.  The purpose of the data match is to identify accounts belonging to taxpayers who owe taxes to the State of Connecticut.  It is possible that once identified, some of these accounts may be subject to liens and levies issued by the Department of Revenue Services.

Please note that levies can be issued on any account in which a member has an ownership interest. 

Additional questions can be directed to the Department of Revenue Services.

Beware of Phone Scams

Some of our members have recently reported receiving phone calls from companies claiming to be their credit card company. The caller offers to lower their credit card's interest rate in return for a flat fee, and then asks for the individual's Social Security number, account number and other personal information. Be aware that these calls are scams.  

If you ever receive a call like this, hang up. Never provide personal information over the phone unless you are the one initiating contact. CSE Credit Union and most other financial institutions will never call you to verify account information or Social Security numbers.  

If you have given out personal information by accident, please contact us. Do not call back using an 800 number that a caller provides. The number provided by the caller could also be part of the scam. 

Shared Branching Check Deposits

Please be advised that if you deposit a check at a CO-OP Shared Branch location, the hold placed by the shared branch may be extended by CSE Credit Union, as per our Funds Availability Policy. Please refer to our Funds Availability Policy for more information.  

Fee for Non-Members

A fee of $3.00 is being charged to non-members for each CSE share draft that is cashed at any of our offices.  This fee is the result of increased operating expenses associated with cashing checks for non-members.  

We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Surprise "In-App" Charges To Your Credit Card

If you are a parent whose child plays games on a smartphone or other electronic device, you should be aware that these games can result in high charges on your credit card. The culprit: in-app purchases. An in-app purchase is a purchase made from within an on-line game for additional features, upgrades and other add-ons. The app might be free to download, but it might be far from free to play it. Sometimes these apps have clear warnings that you need to spend additional money, but sometimes they do not. All it often takes is a tap of a button for a child to make all the charges they want. And if your credit card is already linked to your mobile device, as it usually is, your account will be charged and you will be liable for the purchases...