We're Here To Help

We are committed to supporting our members affected by COVID-19.  We’re here to provide you with as much help as we can to help you navigate through these difficult times.*

Skip A Pay
If you are experiencing hardship due to COVID-19, you may be able to skip up to three months of payment on any of our loans. There will be no penalties, no late fees and no negative effect on your credit. However, interest will continue to accrue and when you make your next payment, more of the payment will be applied to your interest. Call us at 860-522-3206 for more information or to sign up for Skip A Pay..

Increase of Funds Availability
When you deposit a check, the funds that become available by the next business day will increase from $200 to $500.

Immediate Availability on Most Electronic (ACH) Deposited Funds
When deposits come in electronically to your account, they often come with a hold.  Effective immediately, we will make most funds immediately available. This includes State Payroll, Payroll Deduction, Social Security, etc.

No Early Withdrawal Fee on Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
We understand you might need access to your savings, so we are waiving penalties for early withdrawals on all certificates.

Late Payment Fees on Credit Cards Waived
We are removing the $10 late payment fee for VISA credit cards.

*These temporary emergency offers may be revoked at any time with or without notice.

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