Be Careful When Mailing Checks

Over the last few months, there has been a drastic increase in mail theft and check washing in Connecticut.  Thieves steal checks from mailboxes, wash the checks in chemicals that remove the ink, and then change the payee’s name and often the dollar amount.  Some checks are stolen from individual mailboxes but many are stolen from the US Postal Service blue collection boxes.

As we are seeing check fraud on a daily basis, we highly recommend that you take advantage of CSE’s services to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of check fraud.  These services are both FREE.

  • Bill Pay –Send a check from our Bill Pay service through online banking or your myCSE mobile app.  If you pay electronically or send a paper check through Bill Pay, you don’t have to worry about having your checks stolen from a mailbox.  In addition, Bill Pay is safer than sending traditional checks because Bill Pay checks are more tamper resistant.  Click here for more information on Bill Pay.
  • Mobile Deposit – Instead of mailing your checks to deposit into your account at CSE Credit Union, deposit them electronically into your account using Mobile Deposit through your myCSE app!  Click here for more information on Mobile Deposit.

CSE Credit Union staff are also actively reviewing checks for fraud.  If we are suspicious that one of your checks may have been altered, we will immediately try to reach you by phone.  However, we can't call you if we do not have an active phone number for you in our system.  Please ensure your phone number is up-to-date by sending us a message through online banking or by sending us a signed letter with your phone number.  You can also visit any of our branches to change your phone number or complete this form.  Unfortunately, phone number change requests cannot be accepted over the phone for security purposes. 

For more information on mail fraud, visit the United State Postal Inspection Service website.

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