Enjoy the purchasing power of the CSE Credit Union VISA Debit Card and forget about carrying cash or checks again. Our VISA Debit Card works like an electronic check. When you use it to make purchases, funds are automatically debited from your checking account. Simply present your card to the merchant and either sign or enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to make the purchase. If you're enrolled in CSe-Banking, you can sign up for a card today! 


The VISA Debit Card is available for free, but members must have a CSE checking account. Additional benefits are as follows:

  • There are no annual fees or interest charges
  • There is no $75 hold on your savings accounts
  • It can be used anywhere that accepts VISA
  • It has the security of an EMV chip card
  • It is safer and more convenient than carrying cash or check
  • It includes free fraud protection. CSE screens your debit card activity 24/7 to detect suspicious card activity outside your normal pattern.

Track your spending on CSe-Banking, our online banking system, for a detailed history of your debit card transactions. You will be able to see where you used the card, the date used, and the amount.

Getting Cash

There are several ways to get cash using your CSE VISA Debit Card:

  • Ask for cash back from a merchant. Some merchants may automatically ask you if you would like cash back.
  • Get cash at an ATM machine. You can take advantage of no-surcharge ATM services by using the CO-OP or Accel surcharge-free ATM networks.  

Important Phone Numbers

To report a lost/stolen card:

  • During normal business hours, call 860-522-5388.
  • Outside of our normal business hours, call 844-592-6412. 

To report fraudulent activity, call 844-592-6414.

To activate your VISA Debit card or change a PIN, call 1-800-992-3808.

Traveling Tips

  • When traveling with your CSE VISA Debit Card, contact any of our offices before you leave, especially if you are traveling out of the country. All international transactions are blocked unless you inform us ahead of time. 
  • If we do not know that you are traveling, and suspicious out-of-state activity shows up, your VISA Debit Card may be blocked. Calling us prior to the trip will prevent a block of your account funds.
  • When traveling abroad, use your VISA Debit Card to make purchases or ATM withdrawals. You’ll get the best conversion rates because CSE does not assess an international fee as most banks do.


When your current ATM card expires, you will automatically be issued a VISA Debit Card, unless you do not have a CSE checking account. Please note that the ATM card program will eventually be retired. 

Special Enrollment for Those Enrolled in CSe-Banking  

We are currently offering a special enrollment period for members who are enrolled in CSe-Banking. If you want to order your VISA Debit Card immediately, go to the CSe-Banking log-in page and click on the link for the VISA Debit Card application and disclosure. Complete the application form and return to any of our offices.  

This early enrollment period is a perk for CSE-Banking users only. Enrollment will be opened to all others at a later date.  

If you would like a card and are not currently enrolled in CSe-Banking, this is a great time to sign up and use this service. Click here to follow the prompts to enroll.