CSE offers a VISA card featuring everything you    
need in a credit card without any of the gimmicks.  
These benefits include:

  • No annual fee

  • No balance transfer fee

  • A fixed 12.40% Annual Percentage Rate

  • Low late charges ($10 late charge instead of $30 or $40)

  • Automatic payment options

  • Free fraud protection

Fraud Protection

How Does It Work?

To help prevent fraudulent charges on your CSE Visa card, CSE uses a credit card fraud detection service center. This center reviews credit card purchases in “real” time at the point of purchase and compares these purchases to your usual spending patterns and known fraud trends to detect unusual activity. If a purchase seems out of the ordinary, authorization is submitted for fraud analysis. In some instances while you are at a merchant, valid purchases may be declined if the transactions appear suspicious.

Updated Phone Numbers Needed

Remember that we need to have updated phone numbers to reach you – home, cell and work, if applicable. The fraud service center will try to call you on each phone number that you provide. If you cannot be reached, your card may be blocked from further activity until we can discuss the situation with you.

When You are Traveling

If you plan to travel out of the country or even out of the state and want to avoid reviews of your transactions by the fraud service center, notify the credit union of your travel plans. We will add that information to the monitoring during the period you are away.

Visa Loan Application